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Health & Healing

Are you suffering? Healing comes from within.

At Pathways to Success I look at ‘whole of life’ causes for long term pain & illness. With a real curiosity from origin to present outcome there may be issues on an unconscious level general practitioners (GP’s) are not accustomed to searching for.

Using leading edge techniques in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and advanced hypnotherapy developed over the last four decades I will seek to reduce and in most occasions remove your constant pain.

After checking on your suitability for hypnosis (we may have to check with your GP in some cases) we can then start to work with you on removing pain and illness from your life. 

This is just the start. I have had constant success in helping people heal from all types of long term illness. I believe that all healing comes from within. When I look at causes instead of effects I go to solving the root cause not masking the results.

It’s your life, let’s design it how you want it.

I can help you with



Sexual dysfunction

Long term pain


the pathway to success clinic helps you BE HAPPY & healthy.

Research has shown that one of the most important factors in any successful change is the relationship you have with your practitioner/coach/therapist.

As a central Queensland farm boy you will experience a warm, friendly and entirely positive environment, at all times I will communicate in a respectful, straight forward and common sense manner.

I run a ‘jargon free’ practice and will explain as much or as little about the processes that you need to feel comfortable and confident in the approach.

We will be working together to get your result. All the skills, techniques and experience I have are focused on that, and that alone.

As a Mind Trainer I have trained and become qualified in numerous approaches and styles of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as well as NLP, coaching and Psych-K.


“When I was introduced to Joseph I was a single mum working two jobs and a struggling bodybuilder. Three years later, I have a World Championship Belt in Figurine, I am Regional Manager for one of the largest palliative care centres in the country with a budget of over 90 Million Dollars. Safe to say I am still a client and still improving.”

– Kerry B

“I heard about Joseph and after a quick phone call, I booked in to do a Breakthrough Day. I then borrowed the money to do an Accelerate to Freedom program. My life has changed dramatically for the better. I went from being in a bad relationship and over $35K in debt, to OWNING, YES OWNING my OWN YOGA STUDIO. I can’t recommend him enough.”

– Crystal C

“As an ex Army Officer I thought I could solve any issue and didn’t need help. I now realise that all of the top performers get trained, coached whatever you call it. My confidence and intuition has improved and I ended up with a promotion and a couple of job offers, instead I am setting up my own business. Having someone in your corner is not a sign of weakness. I have recommended several friends to Joe.”

– Brett M


Do you want to create change now?

Breakthrough days are intense days for those that want to create change now. They are designed to accelerate you to your next level and beyond as quickly as possible.

You and I will spend the morning talking over your personal history with a couple of coffees. When I have uncovered enough information, I will start the re-programming, healing, and mind and body alignment.

In the afternoon you will start the process of unconsciousness programming at a level that will change the trajectory of your life.

You will quickly realise that the old you is but a mere shadow of what you are now capable of.

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