This is the ONLY way you can team up with us without a Breakthrough day. 

You can apply for a waiver to do 5 x 1 hour sessions. These are not the best use of your time or mine and are priced accordingly.

We know people get more out of our signature Breakthrough days, the Breakthrough days are very challenging for most people and although the effort and results are worth it some people opt for only single sessions.

During the individual sessions we will challenge you to be open and honest to work with your unconscious mind, then set about working on whatever is your greatest issue at the particular time.


“When I was introduced to Joseph I was a single mum working two jobs and a struggling bodybuilder. Three years later, I have a World Championship Belt in Figurine, I am Regional Manager for one of the largest palliative care centres in the country with a budget of over 90 Million Dollars. Safe to say I am still a client and still improving.”

– Kerry B

“I heard about Joseph and after a quick phone call, I booked in to do a Breakthrough Day. I then borrowed the money to do an Accelerate to Freedom program. My life has changed dramatically for the better. I went from being in a bad relationship and over $35K in debt, to OWNING, YES OWNING my OWN YOGA STUDIO. I can’t recommend him enough.”

– Crystal C

“As an ex Army Officer I thought I could solve any issue and didn’t need help. I now realise that all of the top performers get trained, coached whatever you call it. My confidence and intuition has improved and I ended up with a promotion and a couple of job offers, instead I am setting up my own business. Having someone in your corner is not a sign of weakness. I have recommended several friends to Joe.”

– Brett M


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